USB Device Security

BeachheadSecure™ can help your organization reduce the risk of information mismanagement by efficiently & effectively securing company data stored on any USB drive.

Secure USB Devices with danicSecureHmmm. Sounds like a security issue.

Inexpensive, portable USB storage devices with the capability of storing four times as much data as some iPads, can travel anywhere... and your data goes with them.

Thieves are not bothered by form factors – the data is the same – and the nightmare can start when a single device is lost or stolen.

BeachheadSecure™ for USB devices can help.

With our product, your company no longer has to issue expensive, specialty secure flash drives.

BeachheadSecure™ USB device data protection can be applied to any flash drive from any manufacturer, even after the user has initialized it.

Data is compartmentalized, so family reunion photos can safely and happily coexist on the same drive as your encrypted company financials.

BeachheadSecure™ will also allow you to configure the drive only to allow certain employees to read the drive and only under certain circumstances (e.g., with an Internet connection) across a defined grouping of PCs.

It's a beautiful solution to a potential security nightmare!

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Product Features

  • Ability to separate personal and business use with the bifurcation of the drive – only the business side of your USB is under corporate security/encryption control.
  • All sensitive data on the drive has enforced encryption of
  • Configurable to include requirements for remote authentication (cloud) to open any file, limitations on which computers can be used to open files, and instant data lock and wipe capability when devices are stolen.
  • A broad range of both administrator-enabled and automatic security responses to threat conditions.
  • Remote enforcement of password and security policy.
  • Customizable reporting of status and device risks/conditions.

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