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Industry leading data management and device security technology to connect and protect you, your employees and your clients.

  • DanicSecure™ Data & Device Security for Healthcare Management

    "As Healthcare Administrators, we need to be able to manage client information in our organization – and danicSecure™ makes it easy!"
  • Manage remote device data & security, DanicSecure™

    "danicSecure™ helps us manage the data access & flow on the tablets, phones and computers we use for customer projects."
  • danicSecure helps secure client information for Social Service organizations

    "In Social Services, protection of client information is vitally important. danicSecure™ helps us manage data access on all our devices."

You'll Find Peace of Mind With BeachheadSecure™

BeachheadSecure™ is a suite of data security products engineered to secure “all things mobile – simply and affordably.

Device and data security is a growing issue in today's internet age. Discovering a single solution that would ensure all your data is protected in every location and on every server, computer, laptop, USB device, phone or tablet can seem overwhelming, to say the least.

Well, now that you've found BeachheadSecure™, you'll also find peace of mind.

Talk to us about how we can help you remotely secure, encrypt, monitor and enforce the myriad of security policies and tools you and your business associates are using.

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Easily manage data security on employee computers & USB devices

You need to secure and manage a wide range of company and employee owned laptops, phones and tablets. Good news... we make it easy! danicSecure™ helps you manage all your devices – even Windows PCs and Macs – from a single centrally located web-interface. As a SaaS service, no added hardware or software is required. danicSecure™ is user-transparent and easy to deploy. *Powered by SimplySecure

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Secure and manage data access on employee Smartphones easily.

One of the biggest risks factors to organizations today is the control of sensitive data on employee smartphones. Smartphones often contain downloaded files and email attachments and are configured to allow access corporate servers. danicSecure™ offers encryption and password enforcement for smartphones, as well as data elimination, to protect you in the case of loss, theft or dismissal. *Powered by SimplySecure

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Protect sensitive information and server access on employee tablets.

The use of iPads and Android tablets as mainstream business tools replacing portable computers is growing exponentially and is adding a new layer of security risk for businesses. Let danicSecure™ help you manage the security on these devices through a single console that also also controls your phones, PCs and Macs. *Powered by SimplySecure

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Manage the risk of sensitive data exposure on your PCs & Macs.

Even with the advent of smartphones and tablet devices, personal computers continue to be the primary data management tool for most businesses. With enormous hard drive capacity and direct network access, sensitive data exposure can be a major risk for organizations. With it's our easy-to-manage administrative portal, danicSecure™ can help protect you from risk while ensuring you are compliant with laws requiring encryption. *Powered by SimplySecure

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Secure data and server access on employee Macbooks.

Macbooks operate differently than PCs, but are growing in popularly as a business tool and need to be protected, too. danicSecure™ can help. Encryption of key data, policy enforcement, data denial, along with instant restoration – this service does it all while allowing employees to use their Macbooks without burden. *Powered by SimplySecure

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Ensure your company is not at risk from loss or theft of USB devices.

The risk associated with inexpensive, portable USB storage devices – with the capability of storing four times as much data as some iPads – can be significant. Now danicSecure™ can help you manage that risk, allowing personal family photos to safely coexist alongside protected company data. *Powered by SimplySecure

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Now you can manage the security on employee devices without a dedicated IT department.

Businesses of all sizes have the need to safeguard sensitive data, but for smaller companies, the management of device security used to be difficult. Now, with our cloud-based danicSecure™ products, there’s no hardware or software to buy or maintain. Protection is easy to install on any device and even easier to manage through the intuitive administrative portal. *Powered by SimplySecure

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Scalable, customizable, broad device coverage on an SaaS platform. Easy!

With danicSecure™ your data and device system can be configured to meet the exacting needs of your enterprise. Because it has been designed to secure across all platforms with a very high level of administrator-defined flexibility, danicSecure will easily scale with your growth. Plus, the easy-to-manage administration portal means that your data will be safe through any employee transition. *Powered by SimplySecure

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We take care of your information security so you can focus on your goals.

With resources that are often stretched, the focus of non-profit organizations needs to be on your goals, not on information security. Let danicSecure™ help you comply with industry regulations for information management, without any headaches. With our intuitive administrative portal, data security becomes easy, leaving you more time to do what's important. *Powered by SimplySecure

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Now you can get the data security you need for your organization, with fewer headaches, using fewer resources.

Today’s economy – with the continuing expectation of doing more with less – means there is often little money for areas of the business that are critical. danicSecure™ helps you manage one of those areas – the security of your data. And, because it's delivered as a service, with no software or hardware to buy and maintain, it's easy to operate, even managing separate departments and divisions under one account. *Powered by SimplySecure

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Protect client data without burdening users.

We understand the needs of lawyers, accountants, consultants and other professional service providers to protect sensitive client data on their mobile devices and on computers that never leave the office. We also understand the process of protecting this information must be simple. As a SaaS service, BeachheadSecure™ eliminates the need to buy software or specialty hardware. And our system can easily be configured to handle multiple users on a single laptop, or multiple accounts for a single user on a PC, so contract work is easy. *Powered by BeachheadSecure™

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Compliance with ease... spend more time on your customer needs, not security.

The ever-expanding number of federal, state/province and industry laws designed to protect sensitive customer information from exposure can present financial institutions with a constant need for security. Add to that the growing use of employee-owned devices (BYOD), and solving the problem becomes even more complex. danicSecure™ is the solution. With our easy-to-manage, easy to use cloud-based software, you get the level of security you need, with ease. *Powered by SimplySecure

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Protect patient data easily, efficiently and effectively.

Healthcare is trending towards using portable tablets and small computers in clinical settings, resulting in more significant theft or data loss opportunities. On top of this, increasingly strict regulations regarding client information management, such as those found in PHIPAA, reinforce the requirement to add greater controls to avoid risk exposure. BeachheadSecure™ has the answer with a one-stop data security solution for all mobile devices, including PCs and Macs. You can help employees focus on patients, knowing their devices are secure and protected. *Powered by SimplySecure™

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Data security for corporations, industry and your customers. It's easy.

It's a modern-day security issue: high workforce turnover with access to price lists, credit information and other sensitive information. Layer on industry-based compliance regulations for data security, and the challenge can seem enormous. But, with BeachheadSecure*, it's easy. Our system allows employees to operate mobile devices in remote locations with the security and control you want – without purchasing expensive software or hardware. BeachheadSecure™ gives you precisely what you need while being super easy to manage. *Powered by BeachheadSecure

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Education can be a hybrid of data security issues. Now you can manage it all simply.

Students, teachers and administrators often operate several devices simultaneously – many owned by the individual, not the school or the department. So, how do you control the flow of data and the access to privileged, confidential or sensitive information and ensure it's encrypted at the same time? danicSecure™ is the solution. Because it works on all mobile platforms, and can be managed remotely, it is the ideal way to handle the many moving data points that make up an educational institution. *Powered by SimplySecure

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