About danicSecureā„¢

danicSecure™ is a suite of data security products engineered to secure “all things mobile.”

danicSecure™ is remotely managed and can be provided to you by Danic Technology Inc.

danicSecure™ evolved out of our own search for a solution that would enable us to remotely secure, encrypt, monitor and enforce the myriad of security policies and tools we were using. Trying to find one solution that would ensure all our data was protected in every location, and on every server, computer, laptop, USB device phone or tablet was no easy task. Eventually we did find a such a solution.

It was beautifully simple, seriously great technology...and we could afford it.

Then we thought, if we were finding it so difficult to protect everything, our customers had to be pulling their hair out.

Wow – a perfect extension of the products and services we already provide. Not only would our existing customers love it, lot of other folks would too!

So, here we are with real life experience under our belt and a brand new product. We hope you will give danicSecure™ a good look.

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